Jul 29, 2008

what wants to be written?

When you can’t write then ask “what wants to be written”, a friend suggested me.
Its about the times where thoughts , ideas dancing in my mind but I can’t catch them and put them in the paper.

Almost 15 days left and I haven’t write almost anything. But there is a story in my mind that hides from me and I hide from it . I asked Yi, to see what I can’t see. I hear what I can't hear.

What wants to be written ?
19, was its answer.

Looked at LiSe’s hex 19. “The Caring Eye”

"The noble man teaches and ponders inexhaustibly, he tolerates and protect the people without limits "

LiSe says : On old pictures one can find the All-seeing Eye. It is the eye of God (or Allah, Manitou, whoever), looking down to the earth. In hexagram 20 it is the goddess, the female aspect of looking down, hearing prayers and sorrow and joy. Here it is Law itself, seeing, caring, and providing what is needed. It is the father of the family, making sure everyone can follow his Tao and find his destiny. His ego is not involved, he is objective and severe and fair, and without limits. He is like nature, like universal law, caring for all creatures but not being nice to them, creating life but not making it easy. Natural forces, storm and rain, wind and sunshine, they seem all merciless, but they sustain all life on earth.

Chuckles…. you can't hide from Yi.

Jul 28, 2008


Cleaning the house today

They say, to keep a house clean
you have to threw all the useless stuffs
once in a while .

If you keep postpone it,
then your job becomes very difficult

So, I'm cleaning the house today

Jul 27, 2008


Intruders came to my home
Brake to door
And with paint sprays
Wrote in my white walls.

Its not the written words
Makes me sad
just the blue stains
In my walls

Jul 26, 2008


Words have different meanings
depending on which side you are .
"justice" when you attack
And "justice" when you defend
Don’t come from the same root

I guess I need a better dictionary
The one I use has only one definition

Jul 24, 2008


We hardly know each other
Talked just couple of times
But his message
A beautiful surprise

He said he was sorry
In just couple of lines.
Explained me why
And wished me well.

Thank you.

Jul 23, 2008

on hold

Too many words are waiting to be written.
Trimmed ships and relationships
Drags and lifts
Words and definitions
Friends and time
Weaknesses and strengths
Courage and timidity
Befriends and betrayals

Too many words are waiting to be written
About the beauty of “Dare to Be”
But tonight I’m tired
I just want to sleep.

Good night, sweet dreams.

Jul 21, 2008


We all have to agree that people are different and all they try is to be themselves. As for the others, who disagree with theirs choices, they are not entitled to dictate what should or sould not do.

The rightdoing or wrongdoing is very subjective, and this is the way it should be.

Me thinks...

Jul 19, 2008


There are many kinds of sticks used for different purposes.

Walking stick when the physical condition of the body requires it. When the body regains its strength then shouldn’t be used because they become “crutches”.

Ski pole , which used from skiers to improve balance, speed, acceleration. Average skiers use different poles than more advanced skiers because their needs are different.
Climbing stick are used for similar purposes too. To make walking easier and prevent the body from harms and fatigue. They are also used as tools to inspect the soil.

As I see it, sticks can support walking, improve walking or even impend walking. It depends on the individual what they want to reach and what they consider as “enough”, I think.

Jul 13, 2008



"What you resist, it persists"

I keep resisting, it keeps persisting.
Go away I tell to it, but it comes closer and each time biger and stronger.
One of those days I have to think what to do about it.

Jul 12, 2008

while you were out

While you were out, lots of things have happened, you don’t know about. I feel sad for you. For the notes you have lost, because you were out.

You don’t know my news. My real news. You never asked although you know that something is going wrong. I left you a note but I guess you never read it.

While you were out, People they came in my life but they are there. They know more about me than you do. They can listen, they can feel and they can say things you never learn to say.

What is sad is that those people , hear words that maybe it would make you happy if you heard them from me. But thinks is as they are. We people talk to those you feel we can be heard. We say our news to those you ask “how are you doing”. When we are happy we share with those that would be happy and proud for us. And when we are sad we turn to those that will encourage us and give us a hug.
Sounds simple, isn’t it ?

While you stay out, those are the things you lose.
It is sad , isn’t it ?

Jul 5, 2008

horse whisperer

Life has a magic and mysterious way to bring special people in our path , the time we need them the most. The times we feel helpless, low, alone, unworthy , unloved, forgotten . The times we have lost our faith and we expect nothing good to happen. We starving for support, encouragement, friendship, love. We desperately need a hug, to hide in there for a while, take a deep breath and then keep walking in our pathway. And suddenly, someone or something arranges that meeting. Warm hands touch us tenderly and we hear “you are not alone”.

I know you did that and you know I want to say thank you, but I’m saying I’m still angry with you. You know that and you know why. Some day you will explain me why. I ask you when but you don’t reply. You send me that seal with the word “faith” glued in a blue and green piece of wood. I’ve put it in a box . Don't know how to use it yet.

Have you read the story of Pilgrim ? He was wounded in a terrible accented and became mad and wild. Nobody could ride him. Till the owner arrange a meeting with a Horse Whisperer. He whispered to the horse , they started communicate and finally the horse was tamed.
I know I’m not alone. You send my those signs. Now I have to trust the words you whisper in my ears. I hear you even if I don’t let you ride me. I hear you...

....Keep whispering. I hear you…