Nov 20, 2012


       Joy is, 

while you struggle for a project,

 to have a good company  work with.


Nov 16, 2012

Cricket's wisdom

A Gemini Cricket reminded me those words the other day.
 Life is a shit nowadays  here 
and the only thing I can hold onto
 is those extreme dreams. 

Nov 11, 2012


What should be the proper foreword of this Decision 
-a narrative of negotiations- on moving forward
 by compromising.

Nov 1, 2012

sallow reflections

Among all pictures
 into the memories box
you pick the sallow one
to illustrate those days
of false impressions.

3WW : false, illustrate, sallow

Mar 20, 2012


between being elegant
as you wish
and negating me

how my negations
seem elegant to you
in theory
we find grace in the reverse

just baffled


3WW : baffle , elegant, negate 

Feb 1, 2012

witness from afar

pretending detached
among trivial distractions
eerie visions surged
affirmed by jolty news
of his departure 

3WW : detach, jolt, surge

May 2, 2011

fool or foolish ?

foolish returns
to a past  relish

love  shows no mercy.

watch you steps!
where are you heading?

fooling around or fool again ?

3WW prompt : foolish, mercy, relish

Apr 13, 2011


a tragic evident illusion 
no words
no thoughts
no feelings

3WW prompt : evident, illusion, tragic.

Apr 12, 2011

your blue sweater

its cold outside
cold inside too.
Your blue sweater
keeps me warm.

I keep it in my closet
and you in my heart.

I felt in love with someone else
I known you would be glad
but he left suddenly
and me, here, sad.

its cold outside
inside too

wearing your blue sweater
listening to his blues tunes
to keep me warm
those blues-days.

Apr 7, 2011


peculiar attraction
my first feeling
when  I met you

my first image of you
before I saw your photo

a piece of fabric
I thought we were waving.
a sail
for a boat to surf the waves.

your warps my wefts
your wefts my warps

and suddenly
an adamant "No"

 3WW : adamant, fabricate, peculiar

Apr 5, 2011


Τι άλλαξε; Τι χάλασε;
Λες και πάνω στο διάφανο φως
μελάνι στάλαξε.
Πού χάνεσαι; Πού τρέχει το βλέμμα;
Ποια αλήθεια μου κρύβει ο καπνός
ή μήπως κρύβει ψέμα;
Θα κοιτώ στα μάτια σου
θα ρωτάω μέχρι να μου πεις
θα χτυπώ στα βράχια σου
ως το τέλος της σιωπής.
Κόψε και μοίρασε στα δύο
πάντα η αγάπη θέλει δύο,
δυο να γελούν στο ίδιο αστείο
δυο να ζεσταίνουνε το κρύο
δυο να μοιράζονται αμαρτία και θεό.
Κόψε και μοίρασε στα δυο
πάντα η αγάπη θέλει δυο
δυο μονομάχους στο πεδίο
δυο στο μαζί και στο αντίο
δυο να μοιράζονται τα πάντα ή το κενό.
Τι ξέφτισε; Τι έσπασε;
Λες και επάνω μου χούφτες γυαλιά
η νύχτα πέταξε.
Ποιος έφταιξε και ποιον ν`αθωώσω;
Να σε πάρω ξανά αγκαλιά
ή μήπως να θυμώσω;


image source 

Hush, don't speak !
I wish I have told you
that critical moment
before the loud, persuasive words
of how much I don't care
and you don't care too
absorbed us.

Hush, don't speak!
I wish you have told me
before that silly game
was about to start.

Neither of us said that
we choose to make noise
and word by word
a wall appeared between us.

Hush, don't speak!
Hear the riches hidden behind the silence.
Alas, its too late to say that

Hush, don't speak
we both said
and then
no loud noises
no persuasive words
but what it hurts
is the absence of the riches.

and a wall.

My heart is not glad.


3WW words : loud, persuasive, riches

Feb 18, 2011

red stains

photo from here

the dam burst 

fierce water
floods everything 

she has to break away
before gets crushed

red waters...
she already  bleeding

One sip of wine
the broken pieces are now in her bag

one last sip
before she parts

she looks back
there is nothing left
appart a red stain on the white tablecloths
as a reminder
of that day
the dam broke

contribution for the Theme Thursday. prompt : break 


Feb 16, 2011

what now?

was just a blink
or i was sleeping for a long time?

What title I should give
to that occasion?

Staring at your photo, you still look kind
just those burning arrows with your name on them
don't make sense

was just a blink
or i was sleeping for a long time?

"what now?" the neon sign 
blinks and asks
and with blinking eyes
I try to see if there are any other words
between the "what" and "now"

is it "what we do now?"
or "what I do now?"

What title should I give to that occasion?

-  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

my contribution to the 3WW,

This week's words:
Blink; verb: to open and close the eye, especially involuntarily; wink rapidly and repeatedly.

Kind; adjective: of a good or benevolent nature or disposition.

Occasion; noun: a particular time, especially as marked by certain circumstances or occurrences.

Feb 13, 2011

My heart is not glad

The wanderer rests in a shelter.
He obtains his property and an ax.
My heart is not glad.

This describes a wanderer who knows how to limit his desires outwardly,
though he is inwardly strong and aspiring. Therefore he finds at least a place
of shelter in which he can stay. He also succeeds in acquiring property, but
even with this he is not secure. He must be always on guard, ready to defend
himself with arms. Hence he is not at ease.
He is persistently conscious of being a stranger in a strange land.
Richard Wilhelm's and Cary F. Baynes translation "I Ching: Or, Book of Changes"