Jun 21, 2008


He said :
choose a photo from this book
Write a story about Penelope.
Give the first role to her and use a person from the picture .
This Person should act as a catalyst in her life and change its flow.

Whaaaat ?
I have no person in my picture, I said teriffied and looked at my photo. It was an empty road. But then, in the empty road, I saw the person and I knew the story.

I know the story! Honestly I do but....for more than two weeks, Penelope and the Person are sittting together at a café . They just met but the time has frozen in that moment. Staring in front of a half –full A4 page, waiting for the ice to melt , become again water and flow in the paper.

My actors, Penelope and the Person, waiting quitely to tell the "Action!!!". They understand what is going on.
My numb hand holds the half-empty page. I know what is happening.

I breath ...and breath .....and breath again.
The “action” word requires a lot of air to be said

Jun 10, 2008


Photo by jurvetson

Is .

Is the phoenix afraid ?

When he puts on the fire,

the one he will fall in and consumed,

is he afraid?


And while the phoenix is burning,

just before he becomes ashes,

is he afraid?

Jun 3, 2008


The swords adjoining
Thunders and thunderbolts
In battle fields

Past and future feuding again
Crown and kingdom
Will be the prize

Endless duels
Of I and i
struggle to death
to stay alive

Jun 2, 2008


photo by EOS.650

On Monday’s nights
Driving back to home
I take the highway
Leading to airport

My car becomes an airplane
The road a runway
But just before it takes off
To reach the sky
It turns right

The pilot can’t flight yet
She has a lot to learn
Before she takes off
To heaven’s highway