May 30, 2008


One of these days,

I'll hang

my superwoman's uniform

in the closet

May 26, 2008


Recently I discovered the wisdom of my body and the foolishness of my “thinking” mind . And during that times 52 played in my readings. My thinking mind has violated a lot my bodily system. But let me tell you a story

For a long time, Soldier-Body was complaining about physical and mental fatigue but it wasn’t heard. It tried many times to speak but the reaction of the General-Thinking- Mind was “Stop complaining ! We have work to do ! Work !” And the Soldier-Body unable to confront the General obeyed to his orders. But things have gone from bad to worse.

One day the Solder decided to disobey the General and refused to follow his commands. The General shout to him “Move!” but he stayed standstill and with a loud voice said. “I can’t move anymore” . and then he ceased every activity and went to rest in his courtyard. He could hear the General calling him to return to his duties. But he didn’t . This was his chance to change things, to the better for himself and the army he belongs to.

He stayed unmovable for a long time thinking the dangers of his condition. He was very exhausted that be became ill. His life was threatened. On the other hand disobeying to the general could cause him lots of problems. He decided to consult the Yi. Asked many questions to contemplate the situation and Yi told him ,again and again, two advices. 59.2 >20 and 46.2.6 >52.
Read LiSe’s thoughts “When everything is in chaos, then your can only rely on your survival instincts, your 'luck', your own wits, 'something' inside yourself which makes you find a way out.” And about 20.2 she says “Face the danger, don't run blindly. Awaken your creativity to solve this, instead of running away.” Make sense, he though and chuckled when he read “a flight of stairs”. Stairs and how to climb them is what those lines of 46 talk about and 52 about inner rest , something he desperately needed.

He went to find some friends of him,"He hurries to that which supports him". Amazing was the strengh he found inside him and make the small trips towards what supports him. His illness back off for a while and let him go there. One of the friends told him : “Think of distilling, where you want to keep the essence , but burn off the rest” Hmm, make sense too. I'm burning everything here, he thought.

The General knock his door and asked to discuss the problem. He has calm down now. Listen carefully to his Solder and promised to reduce his demands.

Things in the camp are better now.

Photo by Spigoo

May 17, 2008


photo by hickoree

Giving is not harmful. Neither for the giver nor for the receiver. Unless there is not balance.. Even in a lower position , a small rock holds a lots of strength and can support a big one Unless there is not balance. Then, the whole structure can fall apart.

As givers we sometimes have to reduce ourselves for the benefit of the whole. But there is a line we shouldn’t cross and loss us and get lost in the crowd . The same with the receivers. They can accept the other’s offer but to a point that they don’t diminish them.

So when we reduce the lower to enrich the higher we should never forget that line. This is not easy to do. How many of us have offer ourselves to serve someone or something and felt drained and naïve, and all that joy of offering became a thorn in our heart?

Giving is not harmful and sometimes is necessary but in absence of balance it can be.

May 16, 2008


photo by orangebrompton

Sometimes walking our life is like tightrope walking at a great height. Safety nets are not always available neither balancing poles. All we got is our body . We stretch out our hands and walk along the rope trying to keep ourselves up there.

Acrobats use various balancing tools like hats rings, canes, and umbrellas. I choose to buy a notebook and a pencil to help me hold myself up. So for the next 6 weeks I’ll walk with a notepad and a pencil in my hands. Its scary up there and to be honest the tools I have are not the solution of my problem but for some hours I can smile. I search for the eyes of my friends who see me from down there and I smile to them too. They smile me back and my foots get stronger. And when the void tries to swallow me, I turn my eyes to the other side of the rope. There is someone I have promise to meet . I meet you there, I said to her and I’ll do my best to keep my promise.

Walking along a rope is an art and when you have to perform the feat make it as an artist.

May 9, 2008


Tell me a story,

As we are here
By the camp fire.
Under the starry sky.

On your pillow-laps,
I’ll rest my mind,
listen to your words,
and fire’s music.

Tell me a fairy tale

I’ll close my eyes
And follow you,
in your story-paths

If I fell asleep,
before the” happily ever after”
don’t wake me up.
Just kiss me for goodnight

May 8, 2008

May 5, 2008


So what are we going to do?
Keep fighting?

I’m hearing you !
But do you hear me ?

“I’m tired”, I told you.
“you are not allowed”, you said

For god’s sake
Give me a break !