May 16, 2008


photo by orangebrompton

Sometimes walking our life is like tightrope walking at a great height. Safety nets are not always available neither balancing poles. All we got is our body . We stretch out our hands and walk along the rope trying to keep ourselves up there.

Acrobats use various balancing tools like hats rings, canes, and umbrellas. I choose to buy a notebook and a pencil to help me hold myself up. So for the next 6 weeks I’ll walk with a notepad and a pencil in my hands. Its scary up there and to be honest the tools I have are not the solution of my problem but for some hours I can smile. I search for the eyes of my friends who see me from down there and I smile to them too. They smile me back and my foots get stronger. And when the void tries to swallow me, I turn my eyes to the other side of the rope. There is someone I have promise to meet . I meet you there, I said to her and I’ll do my best to keep my promise.

Walking along a rope is an art and when you have to perform the feat make it as an artist.

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  1. me to see the same? similar sculpture:)


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