May 17, 2008


photo by hickoree

Giving is not harmful. Neither for the giver nor for the receiver. Unless there is not balance.. Even in a lower position , a small rock holds a lots of strength and can support a big one Unless there is not balance. Then, the whole structure can fall apart.

As givers we sometimes have to reduce ourselves for the benefit of the whole. But there is a line we shouldn’t cross and loss us and get lost in the crowd . The same with the receivers. They can accept the other’s offer but to a point that they don’t diminish them.

So when we reduce the lower to enrich the higher we should never forget that line. This is not easy to do. How many of us have offer ourselves to serve someone or something and felt drained and naïve, and all that joy of offering became a thorn in our heart?

Giving is not harmful and sometimes is necessary but in absence of balance it can be.

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