May 26, 2008


Recently I discovered the wisdom of my body and the foolishness of my “thinking” mind . And during that times 52 played in my readings. My thinking mind has violated a lot my bodily system. But let me tell you a story

For a long time, Soldier-Body was complaining about physical and mental fatigue but it wasn’t heard. It tried many times to speak but the reaction of the General-Thinking- Mind was “Stop complaining ! We have work to do ! Work !” And the Soldier-Body unable to confront the General obeyed to his orders. But things have gone from bad to worse.

One day the Solder decided to disobey the General and refused to follow his commands. The General shout to him “Move!” but he stayed standstill and with a loud voice said. “I can’t move anymore” . and then he ceased every activity and went to rest in his courtyard. He could hear the General calling him to return to his duties. But he didn’t . This was his chance to change things, to the better for himself and the army he belongs to.

He stayed unmovable for a long time thinking the dangers of his condition. He was very exhausted that be became ill. His life was threatened. On the other hand disobeying to the general could cause him lots of problems. He decided to consult the Yi. Asked many questions to contemplate the situation and Yi told him ,again and again, two advices. 59.2 >20 and 46.2.6 >52.
Read LiSe’s thoughts “When everything is in chaos, then your can only rely on your survival instincts, your 'luck', your own wits, 'something' inside yourself which makes you find a way out.” And about 20.2 she says “Face the danger, don't run blindly. Awaken your creativity to solve this, instead of running away.” Make sense, he though and chuckled when he read “a flight of stairs”. Stairs and how to climb them is what those lines of 46 talk about and 52 about inner rest , something he desperately needed.

He went to find some friends of him,"He hurries to that which supports him". Amazing was the strengh he found inside him and make the small trips towards what supports him. His illness back off for a while and let him go there. One of the friends told him : “Think of distilling, where you want to keep the essence , but burn off the rest” Hmm, make sense too. I'm burning everything here, he thought.

The General knock his door and asked to discuss the problem. He has calm down now. Listen carefully to his Solder and promised to reduce his demands.

Things in the camp are better now.

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