Sep 5, 2008

not enough

Love is not enough. I know that. I have learned that. But each time life proves that it, again and again, make me sad , so sad. As the first time I realized that love is not enough.
They love her. They say they love her but they are wrong. Because they hurt them.
Today they make her cry. I can’t see little children crying., and I hate to see others make them cry.

I hold her in my arms not to feel alone but this was not enough. Tried to explain her but this was not enough. Not for me not for her. Cause after all those years I haven’t find an answer to this “why” questions. I need an answer and she needs an answer too.

Its taught to be a child. You are not able always to protect yourself. You talk to them but the can’t hear. Too busy to hear. Preoccupied with their issues they fail to hear that little people’s voice talking to them, asking them. People fail to see and hear. Even the obvious is not obvious sometimes. Even you explain them the obvious wishing to start seeing, start hearing. But sometimes is not enough.

I guess this is when little people grown up. I guess is when you send away the little child because it doesn’t help you to survive. And in that child’s body a grown up being inhabits. You lock that little child in a dark basement and don’t let it go out. It can’t help you. But what is more frightening is that you can’t help it.

I don’t know what is going on in her mind or I do? Hmm, I think I do. She is confused, frighten , sad and all the answers to that “why ?” questions are not enough.

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