Aug 30, 2008

the space between

At the background of the music I could hear the footsteps. Closed my eyes and a pair of shoes was asking me to wear them. I did and they took me for a walk. Gravity was not enough to keep me in the ground and the earth became a huge trampoline I flied to mountains. Rocky, green, snowy. I went to lakes and danced on their surface and dived to their bottom. In the warm sand I lye to rest and on the blue waters I draw cycles

Then , he came and invited me to a dance. Without resistance, I surrendered to him. I gave up my freedom and that set me free. Aggressive and gentle were both his hands, that lead my body to a sacred dance. He got into my mind , my body, my soul and swing me around the dance floor. The band was playing under a feelings-rain. We followed the music and the music followed us. Till the last note announced the past. .

He kissed in my eyes and I saw him fading. his images disappeared in the mist. I searched for the band to give me the moments but they had departure too. I squatted to take my dancing shoes off. A small piece of paper fall from my heart’s pocket. Two words were written with a space between them. “empty” “full” and with tiny letters an instruction was given. “fill the blank”.

I wrote “and” , fold the paper and put it back to my pocket-heart.

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