Mar 24, 2009


That was a mandala, I start making. Its not like that anymore. I ruin it. This is what happens, I guess, when you lose contact with what you do.

So, now , its time to press the pause button. I want to return there and correct what I spoiled.
There is not a rewind button in real life.


  1. I like it very much. There is no perfect.
    Let it be what it is.

  2. too late Robert. Already spoiled But will make it again

  3. I've spoiled so much art trying to go too far but I always recycle my old art into something far less perfect.

    As a anti-perfectionist I never fail:)

  4. I don't get how this mandala is spoiled? I love it! Do you mean because the pattern doesn't meet as it predictably would so there is no beginning and ending? If so, that's exactly what I love about it. I prefer mandalas where there is a bit of irregularity and asymmetry to keep us just a bit off balance. isn't that what happens in life? I love how the outer curving line begins and ends with a closed ring - almost like linking wedding rings. I can imagine it symbolizing a sacred contract with oneself, beginning and ending with the circle of unity for believing in unity with the Self. Take another look - is it truly ruined? Or is your inner truth trying to tell you something?

  5. Hi Karin,

    I like a lot the imperfection, the part that looks like wedding ring. This is how i see them too ( it happened by accident though , or not ?. as a matter of fact its what i like mor ein that mandala

    I spoil that mandala , trying to color the outer part. Maybe i shoul post a picture of the ruined one.

    usually the outer part its more difficul than the one near the center. It happens to all the mandalas I have draw till now. Its something i need to understand why.

    Btw, i see what do you mean about the outer line. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your comments


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