May 26, 2009

Small victories

Some days ago I was told the results of a contest I took part. More than fifty people , we were gathered together and in a few hour we should write a story, a fairy tale etc. it was a challenge for me , so I took part. There were submitted 45 stories and I took the 11th place. A decent place at least and the 3rd best grade from two people of the judges. Not bad !!!

Old news you might say and something of no big importance. But today I felt like talking about it. I recall those few hours , where the only important thing was writing that story. Like the time had freeze outside and the whole world was just that room. That was a nice break. Such brakes I miss lately.

Small victories, against the tyran clock. Not bad !!!


  1. Very nice. You put your imagination to the test.

  2. I guess you know how this things are...
    Its more that you dare to compete, than the reward itself...
    Wouldn't say no for the first prize, though, lol.


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