Jul 4, 2009


Goodbyes are not easily spoken
You have to take that knife and cut the rop that holds you with the other
And it feels that you have to cut a piece of your heart too,
The piece where the others lives.

Then , one day,
You hear your self saying goodbye
With such a easyness, that makes you wonder.
“was that easy ?”
No, it wasn’t , just it needed time.

Some of this goodbyes are kind of magical
Because the one you disconnect with, returns.
Not in flesh and blood but in spirit.
Like he did. Absent and present.

In my dreams, that’s where I met him again.
Years after our last meeting.
I was talking to him and he was reading between the lines.
You know that feeling ?

With some people we are bond forever
even if we walk in different paths
And when air is not enough to breathe
that breeze says that goodbyes
ain't strong enough to cut that bonds.

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