Aug 17, 2009

almond tree

Blossoming Almond Tree- Vincent Van Gogh

I was looking at some drafts and wanted to choose some of them to catch up a bit. Thoughts about the difficulties I had to go through, feelings, etc, etc. But I won’t. I’ll leave them in my notebooks as they are because something else wants to be told. Those difficulties are not over yet, and probably others will come but what it matters now, its that I can smile.
When we have choose a path and things drags us away from that if we don’t forget that we can return again , we can smile. “Exit and enter without angst” says Yi ching's hex 24, with the words of a friend. And in absence of angst there is a place for a smile.

Now, I’m writing this, I’m thinking of putting some links of previous posts that come in my mind now, about dives in the abysmal water, but its not necessary. Somewhere inside us there is a reservoir of experience, our history, a record of where we come from. And in this blog some parts of that history have be written. No need to repeat them. Its history. What is more important is where we go. We walk in a path with our book of life in a pocket like a survival kit. And we move on, with a little more experience. Just a little more higher as Seferis says in his poem.

Just a little more
And we shall see the almond trees in blossom
The marbles shining in the sun
The sea, the curling waves.
Just a little more

Let us rise just a little higher.

p.s. Van Gogh's Almond tree was one of the most indifferent painting to me, till I saw the original painting and changed my mind. Its the smile I'm talking about.

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  1. Beautiful poem and accompanying image Maria. Yes, we know our history, and usually that is enough!! as long as we remember it for ourselves, of course. Sometimes it's hard not to be pulled back, so I applaud your walk, one step at a time, forward ho!! best to you, xox Karin

  2. awww, Karin, thank you.
    Yeah, the gravity of the past its a very strong force but ... " Just a little higher " is always welcome.


  3. Some paintings must be seen.


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