Nov 12, 2009


Yup . I did it !!!

After a long time I open again my drawing block. The reason I closed it , many months ago , was because of lack of inspiration. Hmm, not sure if that is true though, cuz lately I feel that I avoid to draw . Like I fear to see those thoughts and feelings on the paper.

Some days ago, a friend of mine was talking about her diaries when she was younger. She was writing almost every day. And then I remembered that I never did that. I was given , as a gift, many little books with lockers but never used them. It was like I didn’t want to leave traces.

I remember that there was a story, in one of the girls magazine I used to buy as a child, where a girl could read the thought of other people. She was living with her step mother and her children. Those people didn’t love that little girl and make a lot of bad thoughts and the girl could hear them. It was a sad story. Don’t recall what happened to her, perhaps she found someone to love her and they lived happily ever after but I’m pretty sure that that was the reason I never kept a diary and tried to hide my thoughts, even from myself. No traces !!!

Funny isn’t it to read that the owner of this blog, many years ago, she didn’t want to write even in the diary books with the locker.

This blog, my drawing is my way to delve to the underworld and that is not easy . it needs to have the guts to do that “hypervasis” as we say in our language. I can’t find an English work that explain it , or I’m not aware of any, but is a kind of going beyond your what-you-think limits, power, possibilities.

So today, I did my self hypervasis, even if that means just to start drawing again. Hmm, on second thought, looking back at the no-traces period, actually it’s a Hypervasis.

Yup . I did it !!!



  1. Lovely blog. I enjoy your choice of words even though English is not your first language. Beautiful photos, too. Just started my own blog, also as an outlet for writing.

  2. bravo!! may you enjoy the process and welcome the insights :) Your energy sounds alive and full in your words here - it's great to read them.
    xox Karin

  3. I do love this blog one of my favorites.


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