Mar 28, 2010

at last with less resistance

This drawing has a very long story. Once I googled the words "following without resistance " and I reached to a Tango site. Since then I have connected Tango with 17. Perhaps also because 4 of my friend are taking dancing lessons and my best friend loves tango. So I though to paint it. But didn’t work. I quit. After some time I had that idea to start it again and offer it as a present to those friends. Didn’t work again. It was Jaliya’s post that make me start it again and some things are on at the I Ching site. The original painting was so ugly from all those changes that it was impossible to fix it. So someone told me about a program. I scanned it this morning and it took me 1 ½ hours to do what I could do for so many months. I like it .


  1. Well done! I love that you stuck with it, gave rest, returned, looked again, tried again, gave it time - then a whole new approach to how to work with the image arrived and, voila! success! It's a beautiful process, really. And the image is dynamic :)

  2. Anonymous29.3.10

    It is rather special, definitely. :)

    My father and his wife are tango crazy. If they weren't off tangoing around the world, I might actually run the risk of seeing them out here one day!

    On an entirely unrelated note, yours is my absolute favourite blog title header of all time.

  3. Thank you so much for everything Karin. Yes , sometimes we must give the time things needs to work out. Its a pretty symbolic painting for me.

  4. Thanks Matthew. :)

    As for the title, there is a little "fake it till you make it' but well, its the best i can do . hehe.

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  6. Yikes ... How did I miss this, and thanks for the mention :-)

    The image is exquisite and the words really touching ...

    I long to be able to dance like that! ... but my nervous system seems to have locked in other plans! It must have been all those years of ballet and gymnastics ... all that "charm and poise" I had to learn in school as a good Anglican girl circa the mid-1960s ;-)

    All I know is I'm a total klutz where being led in a dance is concerned. This drives my husband bananas ...


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