Jun 2, 2010

scorpio beast

I hear his voice calling me “Scorpio beast” to tease me. It was when I didn’t want to talk about some not very pleasant things going on. He could hear my silence, and he always had a way to make me start talking.

I hear his voice calling me “Scorpio beast” and I’m smiling. I miss that, I miss him, I miss his voice, I miss his laughter.

Its pretty confusing, because I miss him but at the same time “miss” feel not the right words because I feel him around. I talk to him, he talks to me, but I miss our talks.

Talking with him was very easy. I’m a very shy person and I don’t open easily but with him it was so easy. From the first few moments we talked, felt like we knew each other many lives. We talked about everything, going from subject to subject following funny associations. Sometimes after chatting for a while we were asking each other “how did we get to discuss this ?” and we walking backwards to find the starting point. “if someone overheard our chat he would say we are crazy’ we used to say and laugh. I loved those talks.
There was and some moments of silence. Rare, I have to admit, but there was a special silence. Not because we didn’t have something to say, but more like a pause we needed to enjoy that beautiful exchange. Special silence. I loved them too.

I miss our talks and I miss our silent moment and I miss him immensely. I miss that space, were I could Be, without been judge of being as I was.

Into my mind, I hear him calling me “Scorpio beast” and I’m smiling. I miss his laughter, I miss his voice, I miss him.



  1. I have a friend I love and she loves me. We both have had terrible car wreaks and have had deep death moments. She was in a coma two years and I was out of my body for about 20 seconds but we believe we both were in that place between life and death. We had a mind reading act going for a while where we knew each other thoughts and I miss that dance of our minds.

  2. it is a nice time to visit your blog. thanks

  3. @ robert. Iknow what you mean by the "dance of minds" hope you still enjoy that dance... :)

    lilasvb, thank you !!!


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