Jan 7, 2011

no poetry


dark corridors.
your steps and steps not yours brake the silence of the castles lambyrinth.
somewhere there is a door with a ladder to the moon.
its silver light an imaginary bacon cracks the darkeness.
its flame keep you warm.

seeking the doorway....
the ladder....
the moon...

no music creates no poetry


  1. Hey, how are you?
    How do you feel?
    Are you ok?
    My best thoughts from Romania!

  2. Hey !!!!
    :) feeling goooood . thanks for asking
    Hope everything is well with you too.

  3. Just great !
    Greetings from Sweden,

  4. wonderful image and I love the symbolic words you use in this poem - the ladder, the moon - a beacon of light, doors. Mysteries to unfold, places to climb to, to rise to get where we need to be. Yup, this is a good one!!
    xox K

  5. @ Lasse . Thank you ! and thanks for visiting my blog :) greetings

    @ Karin. Glad you like it. I was listening to someones music..emm ..no music as he calls it and that image poped up into my mind. A powerful experiences !

    There was a more powerful one and I'm trying to put it in images. Words don't works on that , lol


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