Feb 16, 2011

what now?

was just a blink
or i was sleeping for a long time?

What title I should give
to that occasion?

Staring at your photo, you still look kind
just those burning arrows with your name on them
don't make sense

was just a blink
or i was sleeping for a long time?

"what now?" the neon sign 
blinks and asks
and with blinking eyes
I try to see if there are any other words
between the "what" and "now"

is it "what we do now?"
or "what I do now?"

What title should I give to that occasion?

-  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

my contribution to the 3WW,

This week's words:
Blink; verb: to open and close the eye, especially involuntarily; wink rapidly and repeatedly.

Kind; adjective: of a good or benevolent nature or disposition.

Occasion; noun: a particular time, especially as marked by certain circumstances or occurrences.


  1. For me the words are..

    What Magic in the Now.. its now that I read your delicious poem.. fantastic..

  2. Sheilagh Lee said:What wonder is in that poem.Lovely

  3. I really liked this. "What I do know" is the answer I expect. When you start asking the question "will it work?" the answer is usually no.

    May I suggest the 6th line should read "...your name..."?

  4. that poem is about when two people have a fight and suddenly you realize you really don't know the other. so in that mode, do you try together "we do" or do what is best for you " i do"

    @Ramesh. wish i can find that magic
    @sheilagh , wonder indeed :)
    @ollegg, "what I do know " smiling and taking notes ( thanks for the suggestion , already corrected ;))

  5. That's a question indeed. Is it 'we' or 'I' from the moment of 'What now'
    Nice one.

  6. brilliant handling of the theme. this is what we ask ourselves once in a while, dont we?


  7. I like the way you handled the prompt words and crafted a very fine poem.


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