Apr 20, 2008


Fool moon in Scorpio today. Have I told you how much fool moon affects me? You better never find out by yourself. Ok. This is a joke (kind of ) but don’t tell me you haven’t be warned .
Yesterday I had to work till late. On the way back to home the moon catch my eyes. I felt it penetrating my body and heard it whispering in my ear. “Wouldn’t be nice if you could dance barefoot ?”

I had planned to work at home for the rest of the night, but my briefcase stayed closed. Mostly because the goal from the begging was unrealistic since I was already exhausted but also because of the moon’s spell. I took a medicine for the headache, put my shoes of, lie down on the sofa and close my eyes.

I went to the beach. It was a warm day and I was all-alone. I danced barefooted in the sand. The hot sand warmed my body and in the wet sand, where little waves where braking, like a thirsty sponge I absorbed the sea water. Next I was in a valley, dancing on the moistened meadows and then from the foot of the mountain climbed to the top. Barefooted. I felt the soft soil and the hard rocks in my feet. While I was in the top a cloud was passing. I grab it and continue my dance on the cloud.

No, I didn’t felt asleep. I was awake on my couch but I felt the sand, the grass the rocks and the cloud in my feet. I felt the energy penetrating my body. It felt really good. Like a inner river moving along my body, cleaning the dirty and giving joy.

If that sounds bizarre, blame the moon. It was it’s idea. Lol

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