Jul 5, 2008

horse whisperer

Life has a magic and mysterious way to bring special people in our path , the time we need them the most. The times we feel helpless, low, alone, unworthy , unloved, forgotten . The times we have lost our faith and we expect nothing good to happen. We starving for support, encouragement, friendship, love. We desperately need a hug, to hide in there for a while, take a deep breath and then keep walking in our pathway. And suddenly, someone or something arranges that meeting. Warm hands touch us tenderly and we hear “you are not alone”.

I know you did that and you know I want to say thank you, but I’m saying I’m still angry with you. You know that and you know why. Some day you will explain me why. I ask you when but you don’t reply. You send me that seal with the word “faith” glued in a blue and green piece of wood. I’ve put it in a box . Don't know how to use it yet.

Have you read the story of Pilgrim ? He was wounded in a terrible accented and became mad and wild. Nobody could ride him. Till the owner arrange a meeting with a Horse Whisperer. He whispered to the horse , they started communicate and finally the horse was tamed.
I know I’m not alone. You send my those signs. Now I have to trust the words you whisper in my ears. I hear you even if I don’t let you ride me. I hear you...

....Keep whispering. I hear you…

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