Jul 12, 2008

while you were out

While you were out, lots of things have happened, you don’t know about. I feel sad for you. For the notes you have lost, because you were out.

You don’t know my news. My real news. You never asked although you know that something is going wrong. I left you a note but I guess you never read it.

While you were out, People they came in my life but they are there. They know more about me than you do. They can listen, they can feel and they can say things you never learn to say.

What is sad is that those people , hear words that maybe it would make you happy if you heard them from me. But thinks is as they are. We people talk to those you feel we can be heard. We say our news to those you ask “how are you doing”. When we are happy we share with those that would be happy and proud for us. And when we are sad we turn to those that will encourage us and give us a hug.
Sounds simple, isn’t it ?

While you stay out, those are the things you lose.
It is sad , isn’t it ?

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