Nov 18, 2008


Alice Smith, was written on the envelope and the sender unknown to her. Till she opened it and remembered that day in an antique shop, somewhere in the city. A wooden box, a man, an internet forum, an other world. Virtual worlds and the opposite of them, real. Virtual friends, virtual companies, virtual relationships, real friends, real friends, real relationships according to the dictionaries. Two intersecting circles, two worlds that are met and the common plane of them is Alice.

Points and individuals , lines and lifes. Asymptotic lines and intersecting. Lines forming triangles, rectangles, circles. Virtual or real? ‘ It is important?

«Virtual», «real», “Smith” is simply adjectives and surnames. The adjectives identify the nouns/essential but Alice, where the two worlds meet, decide to keep only the essential(nouns) and to redefine. Εκει που οι κύκλοι τέμνονται. There , where the circles intersect. Commonplace, empty place, innovative place.

A wooden box, an accident, a man. At the beginning unconnected events that at some time the are linked, affect and change the life of Alice. Σχεσεις Relationships that begin, relationships strengthen relationships that strengthen relationships ending relationships that change form.

All this in a meeting place somewhere between the virtual and real, according to the definitions of Alice and not of the dictionaries.

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