Dec 26, 2008

scouts vs guides

Guido Van Der Werve: Everything is going to be alright

H : Wow !Looks like the tiny man leads the huge icebreaker. The ship looks like a tamed big animal. The Creative is tamed by Kên. Yes, very 26. Who opens the way ? The man or the ship or those two are one ? We see the man walking in a calmly and carefully way. Maybe he knows that one wrong step , a slip, would be fatal. the ship might kill him. Yes, everything is going to be alright, as long as he keeps his pace steady and his urge, to reach the shore, tamed.

M : Who opens the way? That is the feeling of it. Surely it isn't him, is it? Is that how it really is in life? Do we run reconnaissance ahead of ourselves, or act as a guide?

H : There is a thin line between scouting and guiding, as I see it. I’m not sure if it is always clear in our minds whether we are scouts or guides. Which information we let ourselves to see? Does a plan proceed or follow? Theoretically we know the answers but when it comes to a real situation, well, then it’s another issue. I see that film through the lens of my current challenges. In my eyes , now, the ship is not behind the man. That huge ship is inside the tiny man or he is surrounded from that huge potential energy. It reminds me of the times we come across to something really big and we don’t know what to do with it. It’s the beauty and the danger of the 29 river. Not an easy decision to step into the river and let it guide you. Too much resistance to let it be.

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