Jan 17, 2009


A dream in 9 words :
  • wandering
  • wooden horse
  • many colors
  • black & white
  • forest
  • ochre
  • rainbow
  • flying
  • woman-giant

This is my first assignment for my fairy tale writing course. I am excited !!!

Each word was choosen among other 10. Why those word? I don't know. We'll see

Going to write now the images I have in my mind.

I'm excited !!!

Photo : Dreamland Originally uploaded by Frankipanki


  1. I'd be excited, too!! The words are evocative and I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful! Looking forward to the next chapter...

  2. Maybe its too long to post it here but I'll send it to you.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Karin. It means a lot to me



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