Jan 6, 2009


Must have been ages since I last used wax crayons. Don’t want to count the years. Yesterday I should have been somewhere else. My friends wanted to see me, but I wasn’t in that mood. Instead of that , I choose to play with my watercolor pencils and wax crayons. Some weeks ago I bought them and till yesterday the box was closed. I colored a mandala I had printed and after finished it I wanted to test the crayons. What you see in the image above is what came up from it. Nothings special but I like those people – silhouettes

Different people. Great and small, like the ones livings inside us. People that can create good things or bad. People that are born to be leaders or followers. Different people, living in the same soul.

This reminds me of the hexagram 7 from the Book of Changes (Yi Jing) , The Army. Wilhelm’s translation says :

The army.
The army needs perseverance
And a strong man.
Good fortune without blame.

AN ARMY is a mass that needs organization in order to become a fighting force. Without strict discipline nothing can be accomplished, but this discipline must not be achieved by force. It requires a strong man who captures the hearts of the people and awakens their enthusiasm.

This is what an army needs. A strong General. To organize it, to make the rules and wisely assign each soldier to the proper position.

Well, what I was saying ???
Oh, yes, that the picture above is what it came up while I was testing my new wax crayons.

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