Feb 6, 2009


It’s been one year since my first blog entry. I signed Blogger, without thinking a lot because if I had ponder on that a lot about my writing skills or the worth of the things I wanted to write about , I wouldn’t have done it.

A good friend was telling me “keep writing” and after a long time , or when it was the right time I thought to five it a try. So I started writing what I was overhearing from the talks between the horse and the moon.

This blog , has become an important part of me. It feels home, I tried to make it home and I have a great time here.

And today I open my home, to share with you, a glass of wine and to tell you a big “Thank you”

Thank you for riding with me.


  1. Your blog is one of 14 blogs I have given a link and a flag on my blog. Your blog is one of my favorite blogs in the world. May you have many more years of blogging.

  2. thank you Robert for your warm words. :)
    Many creative years for you too !!!

  3. You have created a wonderful home, happy birthday!

  4. Thank you See,

    It feels home and that feels Great.:)

  5. Happy Anniversary/birthday to you and your blog home!! a wonderful, cozy place you have made here, of sharing and daring :)
    xox Karin

  6. Karin, thank you !!!
    sharing and daring, loved that. If I had to choose just two words to describe why I have this blog, shato and dare would be the most appropriate.


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