Feb 23, 2009

the little knife's story

Once upon a time, in a cutlery tray there was a little knife with a sharp blade. As he grown up, his blade became sharper and sharper. The most sharp knife in the kitchen’s drawers. He could cut every. The wife was cutting the bread and it was her favorite knife while preparing the meals. And her husband, that knife was using for the maintenances in the house. That was the favorite knife of the boys too. They were sneaking in the kitchen, taking that knife from the drawer and going to their tree house to make stuffs.

The Knife was cutting and cutting and everybody was saying “What a sharp knife !!!” and the knife was cutting more and more. But after a long time it was more difficult to cut, needed more effort to do his job, and had to try harder and harder. The other knives and spoons and forks in the drawer was telling him. “Your blade is ill. You have to rest it for a while” but the knife couldn’t let down the wife and the husband and the boys. They will be disappointed, he thought and he was trying harder and harder to cut. Till the day the blade couldn’t cut anything. Even the toast bread .

I can’t cut anymore, he said to the house wife but she could hear him and forced him to the cut. And his husband when he took to fix some cords, he couldn’t here him too. I can’t not cut, the knife was telling him but the man was cutting and cutting.
At the nights, in the kitchens drawer, he retreated in a corner at the cutlery tray and crying about his blade.

I’m not a sharp knife anymore, he said. People won’t love me. I have nothing to offer and he started crying again.

( to be continued)


  1. Great story! I like the direction this blog is taking.

  2. Thanks Robert. :).
    will post the whole story in few days.

  3. Thus is so cool!!!

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