Feb 19, 2009

First draft

I send the first draft of the fairy tale I have to write. Waiting for the instructor’s feedback now. In the meantime I’m doing some corrections I think I should do and finish some incomplete parts. But the first draft is ready.

In painting, I was told , the first thing you should do is just draw a colored shape of the pbject you want to put on the canvas. No details etc, just a shape. And then work with the shades to help the object come out.

I guess I can use that tip in writing too.

We will see…



  1. I love fairy tales! I think of sculpting when I write. At first the story is one big wet blob and then the story starts to take shape.

    I turn it around and look at all sides.

    Then I add detail and fire it up. Hard from the fire no critic can break it.

  2. "Then I add detail and fire it up"
    What a moment !!! still to far from that but i keep walking.

    Thanks for your warm words. Wish you insiration with your sculpting :)


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