Nov 10, 2010

friction forces

All rights reserved by adriano zanni


The friction between hip and joint
wears and tears both of them

Body’s survival instinct sends its army.
Arrows dipped on stiffness and tightness
and bombs of pain to seize the movement


The friction between you and me
wears and tears me.

Wrapped with a white sheet
holding flags of truce and parley
sending a request of seizing fire.


I don’t shout “surrender” I don’t feel “defeat”
even fallen on the floor ,I’ll not quit.

I know you are seeking me in places I’m absent
I know you can see me in Past’s battlefields.
I feel what you’re feeling, I know what you mean
I hear your mistrust, your worries your care.
and during my absence, your presence is there.


“Trust me , wait for me “, my white flag says.
“fall seven times, stand up eight” the war drums play.
Just give me some time to stand up , to heal
to be present again , and then we will see.

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