Oct 19, 2008

For the last couples of days I had that strong feeling that something was going on with a friend. I felt he wasn’t well. It was one of those gut feelings, they come out of the blue and you can’t reason them. You just feel them. Do you know what I mean ?

I hesitated to ask him directly and I just tell him a “hi”. He didn’t respond both times. In other case I wouldn’t worried a lot. It’s his way. But this time that gut feeling was so strong that I couldn’t ignore it. Finally I asked him “ Are you ok ?”

Possible answers I would expect : a) I’m pretty well or b) I don’t wish to talk about it.
It is his way.
I got another answer.

Can gut feelings be wrong ? It seems they can. This is why we find difficulties to trust them and if we do or say somethings because of them when we are asked why did we say that we can't give a reasonable answer.


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