Oct 20, 2008


Someday ago I observed myself doing something that really surprised me in a positive way. It was something new to me and couldn’t understand how it happened , so I asked Yi for an insight. How did that happened , was the question and the answer I got 2.2 “straight, square, great” .

Chuckled because I didn’t do anything, things just happened. Not by accident and not under any plan, without any effort to achieve something. But with nothing, something was done.
Brad in his 2.2 comments says “ If life is too short, make it wider, if too thin, go deeper, if amazed, rise up, if this is not enough, live again, or be someone else” Indeed felt like being someone else, like another general, different than the usual one, took charge of the army and the only order gave was “Yield !” .

Was like walking in a path and the only view you had was till were you toes stopped. You couldn’t see nothing further but not feeling anxiety about it , not fear for the unknown , or what the result would be of walking that way because there was a feeling of being in the right track and following the one who knows better, a part of yourself that know better than the “logical “ mind.

LiSe says “One accomplishes what one is or lives, not what one does.”

What we are ? Which is the real us ? What we show is what we are ? And if not, what it is ?

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