Oct 9, 2008


What music do we dance ?
Our own, someone told me.

But there are times , we found ourselves on the dance floor, hearing a music we don’t recognize, dancing a rhythm that its not ours and happiness is absent.
“What makes you happy ?”
“Have you the guts to go after it ?”
“What makes you unhappy ?”
“Are you brave enough to leave it ?”

At the beginning there was the chaos. Then the questions were formed like thunders and rain and the chaos starts to clear up.
At the “Book of changes” The great image of Hexagram 3 says: Clouds and thunder: sprouting The noble man unravels the warp
And the judgement “ Difficulty at the beginning works supreme success,Furthering through perseverance.Nothing should be undertaken.It furthers one to appoint helpers.”

What can the “helpers” do for us ? Solve our problem? Sometimes or most times they can’t do that. They shouldn’t do that. The good teacher doesn’t give answers but questions. Questions that will lead us to our answers. Because only when the answers are ours we can unravel the wrap of the present we have be given.

What music we dance ? Do you want to be in this ballroom ? Do we dance with the people we want ?

Questions, questions, questions…..

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