Feb 8, 2008

Dragon in absence

A bird without wings
a cart without wheels
and the dragon’s power
can’t be released

Jian is looking for her other Jian
And yin is missing her powerful yang
But the eye is blind
the ear is deafen
And the dragon is still.
Can’t reach the heaven.

The heaven speaks,
But the ear is busy
Of all the eyes
The third is sleeping.

Wings are hurt
The bird can’t fly
With broken wheels
The cart won’t roll
No dancing dragon
In heaven’s floor

The clouds in sky
don’t hold a rain
And every step,
seems like in vain

Where are you my dragon?
you should be here !!!
I see you , I hear you
and then you disappear.
My hands can’t reach you
My bird have no wings
My foot are cold
And broken are the wheels

I’ll throw them in the fire,
the bird and the cart.
With smokes and flames
I’ll make a path
to reach you, to meet you
to ask you a hug.
I want you to hold me ,
its dark and I’m alone.
I want you to dance me
To your heaven’s floor.
To take my sadness and make it joy

Where are you my dragon?
I know you are here !
Teach me to see you and
learn me to hear.
Tell me you trust me,
you love me, you care
I live in your absent
And that I can’t bear

You see me, you hear me
I know you are there.
I’m only ashes, not yet a new-born
Hold me and teach me
To find my dragon
fly to heaven
And dance with you.
Sometimes things fall from heaven and we either open our arms to catch them or do nothing and lose them. Sometimes we feel alone and desperate, and then a gift comes to us and force us to admit that we are wrong... or not quite rigth...
A mail came to my mail box from a coyote , and this poem became real.
Coyote, thank you.

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