Feb 10, 2008

Carousel Horse

Carouselambra_15, originally uploaded by Laurel714.

Once was a wooden horse in a carousel. Day after day she was going round and round , in the same orbit. Only at nights, in her dreams, she could escape and run free under the moon’s light.

One day a man with a white dog came to the park. She noticed the dog and the dog noticed her. She could hear him and she felt she was heard. In her wooden body, trough a slight opening, a living creature got in and sat in a place where her heart supposed to be

One day, while they were talking, the dog said. “I have that image: A horse chews through her tether and runs with the moon”

The horse couldn’t say much. Inside her, a beautiful feeling filled every little spot. Searched for the right words to desribe it, but it was impossible. Every word seemed so little to reflect that feeling. She just smiled to the white dog and said “thank you !!!”.

Once she was a wooden carousel horse. Now she is a horse runing with the moon.

White Dog, thank you.

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