Feb 13, 2008

Stuff and Nonsense

Nonsense .: A message that seems to convey no meaning
Maybe the ‘message” itself have no intelligible meaning , but, sometimes, behind that foolishness, another message is hidden. In the heart of the matter there is a need to clean up what rests inside us.

Like cleaning our basement. Going down there, open all the boxes and decide what to keep and what to throw away. During all these year, we have accumulated a lot of possessions. Useful, valuable, important for us. Some boxes contain books, photos, and memories. Things we still remember, things we have forgotten, things totally unknown to us. Box by box we travel to our past. Happy moments, sad moments, moments we thought we have deleted. The latter are the hard ones. Those sealed boxes, wrapped carefully, to prevent any possible leakage. The boxes of Pandora. Who knows in what danger we’ll be exposed.

The time has come to clean my basement. I need to make space to put some new possessions. Took some new empty boxes, sticky label and a big black marker.

Some friends are with me and give me a hand and a good company.

And I’m cleaning up inside. And I talk a lot of nonsense. I talk to myself, to the air, to my friends. Stuff and nonsense. A lot of nonsense.!!!!

Some friends are hearing a lot of nonsense those days. Stay calm and nice while I’m cleaning . Because they know. They understand that in times like this, after disappointments or “shocks”, major or minor, nonsense is a sign that we are in a transition….. to the better …. maybe….

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