Mar 30, 2008

Feather's voice

There are time we discover within us something needs to come outside. We try to restrict that urge but that "thing" is so wild that nothing can keep it silent.
The message use a whirlwind as a medium and escapes. The whirlwind take us and lead us to the top of a mountain, where the distance between Here and There becomes lesser.
There are times the rider-message tames the whirlwind and from the mountains top’s a beautiful song rise to the sky But some others times our taming abilities are not strong enough and instead of the song we need to sing , a cock’s crow comes out of our mouth.

photo by Hamed Saber

Yi, in line 61.6 talks about that. Whilhelm translates it as “ Cockcrow penetrating to heaven. Perseverance brings misfortune”. Some days before, pondering on that line in Clarity among other things discussed there , Charly translate this line as "Feather's noise climbs to sky. To persevere, ominous." . I loved that .

photo by Lady-bug

How pleasing would be if we could speak with a feather voice and hear the other’s feather voice too. To see the unwritten, to hear the untold. But with such a noise around us , how to trust the power the feather has. We want to reach the other, to be heard, to share that “thing” we just discover or just talk. Maybe sometimes talk about the obvious but still the need to share is huge. And we talk… we talk… we talk. It hasn’t to do with bragging, showing off, or being insincere. Maybe its more about our effort to overcome all the disturbing noises that cut the message’s trip from here to there. Maybe because we are used to turn on the sound because the ears we wanted to approach couldn’t here low noises, or couldn’t understand the message so we had to talk… to talk… to talk.

Yet sometimes this is not necessary. When we are attuned with the other, too many words diminish the value of the message and maybe instead of coming closer we become more distant. From the other and from us. But those times are rare, when we trust the power of feather’s voice and believe that it can climb to the heaven. Those times require caution and strength to be free of bad memories and old habits and a clear mind to understand the actual size of the situation and harmonize with it.

Time to turn off the voice… already said a lot .

Whirlwinds….. not yet tamed.

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