Mar 7, 2008

The Angst of Choice

The road forks
And now what she sould do?
Turn to the left …or turn to the right ?
Take the high road … or the small road ?
Take the easy path …or the difficult one ?

Standing at the crossroads struggling for direction
And a big road sign says “You are here ! In the Angst of Choice”

She is tired and wants to go home. The urge shows the easy road. Its comfortable, short with the least resistance. It is the one the most traveled. Everything a traveler might need is there. A place to eat, a place to have a coffee, a place to rest. A well-organized path. Tempting isn’t it? All she need is to go home and she is so tired. Seems like the right choice but why she doesn’t steps in?
Her mind points that road but her eyes are turned to that little path. The road not traveled.

Fear says “what if you get hungry? is there any food ?
What if you get thirsty? Is there any water?
And when the sun is too hot or the rain too strong where will you go?
Is there any shadow or a roof to protect you?
She listens to the Fear. He speaks rational and he promises safety and a smooth trip.

But why she doesn’t step in? She feels something holding her and let her make the step. It’s a child holding her heart. “Your Heart want to go this way” tells her and points to the little path. Come! We will travel to the places no one has traveled before, we will discover things that you have never be told . .

What if we get hungry or thirsty ? she asks. .Maybe Fear is right ,she thinks. I show you where to find food and water but you’ll have to trust me. .
What if you get lost. I don’t see any signs and barely looks like a path.
Its your path don’t you see that ? Its you and your steps
And it is your decision.

They are standing at the crossroads struggling for the right direction.

The Woman, the Child and She, in frond of a big road sign

“You are here ! In the Angst of Choice”

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