Mar 29, 2008


Photo by saÐ FέeLiήg™

She was playing, running in the room. She felt on furniture and hit her leg. Felt down and start crying. Not a serious injury, just in a sensitive spot. I kneel, took her in my arm and hug her. Tried to calm her. Told her how much I can understand her pain because I have also got hurt in the same place. “It’s an awful pain", she said crying. “Yes, I Know but it will pass in a while”. Really?” she asked but she couldn’t believe it. She trusts me, I know that, but you know how it is when you are in great pain, it fells like it will never go. “Yes it will” I assured her, hold her tight in my arms, touching her, talking with a calm voice and of course kissed her in her knee. After a while, she felt better. “It doesn’t pain that much now” said to me with a smile in her face. In a few minutes she got up and continued to play.

Now, I need a hug. A big hug.

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