Mar 28, 2008

Tell me...

The soundtrack of this night.
Thunders and lighting (Pantelis Thalassinos)

Enjoy it!

lyrics Thunders and lightning

Tell me, whose hand spilled ink
Over the scroll of our destiny
Wiping away the port and course, the beacons and shore?
Which compass'’ black needle
Will ever point to hope,
over the expectation of an unknown land?

Like thunders and lightning
In the very heart of an unsuspected summer
Came that cursed moment
Like a snake, a scorpion, a dagger
It rushed in my heart to pour out its venom
Thunders and lightning…
Our lives long for a miracle
For an angel to proclaim happiness and to avenge
To join those parted once more

Tell me, which of the planets is it, that like a dark magnet
rules over our lives, setting them off orbit
and steals away our dreams stealthily?
Tell me, which whirlpool has swallowed our stern?
To which gloomy rocks is it dragging us
right into fate’'s nets?

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