Mar 2, 2008


I've been trying to write for days but the words aren't coming easily and the blogs are still in the draft area. There is that phrase of Elytis stuck in my mind “the vacuum will be there as long as you don’t fall into”( Το "κενό" υπάρχει όσο δεν πέφτεις μέσα του)

Yes, its true but its requires a deep breath and a big jump. One wants to do it but the other strongly resist. Seems they need more time and effort. Or it is just less effort ?

Being in a “grinia” mood lately, yesterday wanted to explain to a friend of mine the meaning of the word “grinia” which is not just complaining, at least for me . Couldn’t find a satisfying way to explain it till I came across to an article of Nikos Dimou with the title : The metaphysics of "grinia" .Wouldn’t wish for something better !!!

I used to read Dimou’s book in the past so I stayed at his blog to read his stories.
There was a blog about Steve Jobs. Following the link I read “ You’ve got to find what you love” Chuckled…. Seems that the universe tries to say that to me with myriad ways but I can’t listen for some reasons. I smiled and replied “ I know, I know, just need so more time”
...I thougth I heard a loud but loving laugh from out there ...

Steve Jobs' commencement speech at Stanford College ends with those lines "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. And I have always wished that for myself. And now, as you graduate to begin anew, I wish that for you. Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish!"

That is so funny !!!! I feel embarrass when I can’t control my hunger and my foolishness and now that man’s advise is “stay Hungry.Stay Foolish”. To be honest this is not the first time that I hear that. A good friend of mine has told me lots of times but I keep sending him my “grinia” about my hunger and my foolishness

Will I stop bore all of you with my grinia about those things? Well, sorry I can’t make any promises . I need that grinia for a while to consume the not ‘s from my grinia "statements"

Oh , and can you keep a secret ? I like being hungry and foolish but you can't find easily people that can understand that.

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  1. Anonymous24.11.09

    I am so sad after reading your blog... My name is grinia, and actually I have no idea why my parents chose it! I hope there is a better meaning for it in other languages :) I don't want to mean "complaining", even though I do complain sometimes..


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