Mar 6, 2008

Manuals & Friends

Which way?, originally uploaded by .Leili.

Somewhere there was a discussion about Self-improvement books. I’m a little bit skeptical about those self-improvement/development manuals. Being in a phase of “going or not going out of the gate” I think in a stage like that, one has a lot of questions, tries to find solution. Those books definitely are full of answers but one must be very careful what to consume. Sometimes our urge to find a solution, to get quickly out of the courtyard leads us to take the first thing we find in front of us.Since I have read only one or two of those books ages ago, maybe I’m not adequate enough to make any judgment about how valuable or not are they and if the help us to find our answers or just adapt some ready-made answers/behaviors. Does those books helps us to go out or by getting through that gate we enter in another courtyard? Just wondering.......

Facing a difficulty, although I don’t see in a positive way all those solutions at the same time I’m in a dilemma if I’ll use one of those “easy” solutions. I’m inclined not to use but still the temptation is there.

I asked Yi about that .

What if I do ? Yi said 63.4 . “The finest clothes turn to rags.Be careful all day long..”

What if I don’t ? Yi said 48 to 7 : My Well.

The water in my well , are some literature books, poems, songs, images, sounds, memories, dreams, stories, myths, heroes from my country’s mythology and of course some significant-to me- people. It’s that interactions, those healing relationships where you can hear the other and be heard and learn to hear yourself. It’s that we share in our walks. Serious stuffs, funny stuffs or nonsense

My resources, those small or bigger things significant or less significant gathered together, they make a skein of thread like the one Ariadne gave to Theseus to help him find his way out of the Labyrinth after killing the Minotaur.

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