Mar 25, 2008


There is a draft blog about LiSe’s website. I really don’t like the word “website”. I prefer the word “hug” because if you read it, feels like a big hug, always there, to speak to you directly in your heart. But I talk about it another time.

My last blog, without going into details, was a big step for me. And we some of us take that big step we feel a little bit numb and there are thoughts of going back. I’m not talking about remorse, but about that uncertainty being on an unknown territory.

An what I do in such times ? I ask Yi !!!

So I asked Yi to talk to me about my later blog and It replied to 24 Inner truth and Return

Line 2 of 61st Hexagram is one of the most beautiful lines of the Book of Changes.

A crane calling on the shady Northern slope.
Its young joins in singing.
I have a good wine-cup,
I will empty it together with you.
LiSe says about those lines.

61.2 The roots of every interaction are deep inside. If your words and actions are a true mirror of what lives in your heart, they will be creative and able to stir up a reaction in others. The greatness of an artist is in the first place determined by his faithfulness to his truth, and only secondly by his talent.

61.5: Having truth, then one binds. Without fault
61.5 Who is true can also recognize truth in others. He can make real and deep
contact, and he can avoid all harmful and needless influences. The ability to
find the right people and avoid the wrong ones is one of the greatest assets in
life, surpassing the best education, the most abounding riches.

61.6: A drawn-out sound ascends to heaven. Determination pitfall
Do not dissect truth too much in words or ideas. Before you realize it, you live up to great words instead of simple intuition, to beautiful ideas instead of simple experience. Give your emotions a fair chance to live life without giving it names.

In her 24 - return to your own town, she says : Follow your own road, your own Tao. Only by being oneself over and over again, one fills in one’s place. Like the sun gets it’s meaning from creating day after day, year after year. Who follows his Tao, can be relied upon. Everything he does has the same base, how divers it may be. A Tao can only be followed if one flows along with it. Trying to stick to one road all the time will not work. Every Tao always is a never-ending succession of days and nights, of coming and going, of cycles, endings and new beginnings. Moving in cycles, eternally, that is what Tao looks like.

I’ll leave you to enjoy those beautiful words ….and I’ll return..

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