Mar 8, 2008

Magical Gate

Some time ago , my little niece and I, went to a store to buy her a present I had promised her. It was not the first time we went there, we go quite often to buy food. The store has those automatic door and when we were near them they opened . She look at me with wide opened eyes and told me. Look !! Those doors are magical !!!

From my self-made- kind-of -–dictionary Magic : You can’t grab magic with the interpretation of magic, neither with the description of interpretation of magic. Either you sing or shut up. You do not say what I do is singing. “Elytis”

A friend of mine said, “Magic can only be experienced in a state of madness….” I can relate to that. I had some moments that some people could describe as madness, foolishness or more mildly irrational behaviour. Then, for me something magical happened or I let something to happened . What exactly happened or how isn’t that important to me.
Neither to her. Her body and the magic eye joined their forces and turn a common door to a magical one. They together open a way to the toy’s department where her present was.

The passage is there, behind those closed doors and when our body and the magic eye become one those door will open. And then you don't say "what I do is singing". You just s i n g.

phot0 by gotjosh

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