Mar 8, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday !

Missing you. But this is 't something new for you. I always telling you that . Maybe not with this words but you knew that.
I'm geting used to your absence ... but I still miss you.
I'm not angry with you anymore. I told you that but you wasn't here. I have told you a lot of things. Those I was hiding from you when you were here.
I don't hate you. I never did. You knew that, don't you. I was just missing you.

I wish you could hear the things I am telling you , about then. But you are not here.
I wish you could stay a little bit longer, I wish I could have talk to you a little bit earlier.
I wasn't there and you are not here.
I can find you out there but you are here . So, from here to there ..
Thank You
Happy Birthday.
Wish you well.
Take care of my friend
Good night

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